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Shapes of Waterfall Faucets


contemporary-bathroom-faucetsSo you want to buy a waterfall faucet as you love the sheer elegance it displays. It is known as a waterfall faucet as the shape of the water coming out of it appears like a waterfall. It really sounds cool and appears amazing when you install them at your home. The prices of these waterfall faucets have also gone down and it is time that you buy it to make your bathroom appear stylish. You must know that there are different types of waterfall faucets. Waterfall faucets are made out of glass, ceramic, metal and stone. However, they are available in different shapes too.

We will concentrate more on the shapes of the faucets here. Some of the common shapes of these faucets include, curved, flat plate, circular and wide spigot styles. It could be a little confusing to choose the best shape for your bathroom, but it really isn’t all that hard.

Flat plate waterfall faucets

It is known as flat plate waterfall faucets as the plates are flat. No matter what the shape of the faucet is, the plates play an important role when you choose among different varieties. These flat plates can be designed out of stone, glass, ceramic and metal to allow the water to flow to the sink or spray out of the shower. Faucets made out of a flat shape plate are very popular because they provide a natural look, making the water flow appear like a natural waterfall. They also offer a wide surface that makes it look unique. Among the different types of plates, flat plates are defiantly the best and they can look incredible when attached to showers.

Circular waterfall faucets

These faucets are similar to the flat plates but they are designed in a way where the water flows from the very centre of the metal or glass plate which is perfect for a glass waterfall faucet. Though the sizes of these plates can vary, the water only flows from the centre and this doesn’t provide a waterfall as good as the flat plates. The waterfall is not wide and these plates are angled in way where the water flows into the sink or from the shower in a narrow manner. If you are looking for something that makes the waterfall appear natural, this is probably not the best fit for you.

Curved plate waterfall faucets

The design of the curved plate faucet is inspired by the flat plates. The only difference is that while the flat plates are flat, the metal plates used in these are curved. This curved design doesn’t provide a wide surface and therefore, the waterfall is also narrow. This could be a good choice if you want the water flow concentrated on a small area. However, if you want something that provides a wide waterfall, this is not the best choice for you.

Wide Spigot waterfall Faucets

As the name suggests, this plate provides a wide waterfall and is actually a combination of traditional and the waterfall faucets. They are available in open top, closed top and partially open top varieties. The open top works like a flat plate, but provides a narrow stream of water. The closed top is designed in a way where you can’t see the water flowing in the spigot. The partially open plate is a blend of both the styles.

You can choose any of these shapes of waterfall faucets depending on your requirements. Ultimately, you need something that makes your bathroom appear unique and classy. To find out more, check out

Basic Advice to Maintain a Cue Stick’s Tip


cue stickIf you have splurged a lot on your cue stick, you might as well maintain it so that it stays brand new for a long time. While maintaining a cue stick, you should know that the most important parts of the cue stick are the shaft and the tip. Though the tip seems like a harmless, small piece of leather, it plays a vital role. You might have spent more than $300 to $400 to purchase an excellent cue stick, but if you don’t take care of the tip, the cue stick could be worthless. This is because the entire game of pool depends on the movement of the ball and if the tip doesn’t work well, the ball doesn’t travel in the direction you want.

The tip of a cue stick

The tip is very important as it directs the ball to move in the direction you desire. Essentially, the tip grabs the ball when you hit it, providing it with a direction. If you don’t maintain the tip well, it could become flat or round over time. None of this helps the ball travel in the direction you hit and it could ruin your game. For pool players, it is regarded as a miscue as friction between the ball and the tip doesn’t exist.

The tip of the cue stick is rough and this allows friction with the ball. In addition to that, it also holds the chalk you rub in between shots. The roughness, combined with the chalk produces better friction and this in turn helps the ball travel in any direction you want.  As you may know, pool is designed geometrically and it also involves a lot of Physics. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that the tip is in good shape whenever you play.

Maintaining a cue stick tip

You can start by shaping the tip with high quality sandpaper but make sure that the sandpaper doesn’t rub the ivory ferrule. Try to rub the edge of the tip gently. Don’t try to file it too much as that could ruin the tip too. Long story short, the tip shouldn’t be too flat or too round or too pointed and should be just rough for your pool table game. A round or a smooth tip could cause the ball to just glance off the stick.

After you shape the tip, rub it with sandpaper again so that it holds chalk. You can buy scuffers from any store to maintain the tip. It is common for a tip to lose its shape after you play frequently but once you shape it, it should last for a while. However, if it doesn’t stay that way for a long time, you can ask a repairman to change your soft tip to a hard tip, according to your requirements.

Apart from following all the instructions mentioned above, you can also try to maintain the tip of your cue stick in a better manner, but it is just optional. You can purchase a gauge to measure the tip while shaping it as the tip is usually supposed to be about the size of the radius of a nickel. A gauge is easily available among other tools you purchase to maintain your cue sticks.

Apart from the gauge, you can also buy a tip sharper, which is also known as scuffers as mentioned above but remember to place it on the floor with the bowl side facing upwards. Place the tip in the bowl while placing the cue stick upside down. Try to only shape the tip with sandpaper instead of sanding it. If you notice that the tip is mushrooming a bit, rub the tip with a minute amount of wax and polish it.

Is this advice useful for your pool game? Get more of such tips by visiting here.

Create awesome food with grill and smoker combo


barbacue grillThe experience of starting a fire and cooking meat in the open space especially backyards or lawns is really awesome. Smokers are the excellent weapons to enjoy this experience and have a food of real good taste. Having a thought regarding the time involved in the entire cooking process, well, with the help of grill and smoker combo you can easily decide your time of cooking.

If you need to cook meat faster, grill will be an ideal choice while if you need to enjoy the meat getting cooked for a longer time smoker would be the ideal choice. Thus, grill and smoker combo is the perfect choice for a delicious meal.

Easier to create awesome food now

With the advent of various technologies and modernization, creating awesome food with grill and smoker combo has become easier. First of all, you need to figure out the amount of time and effort for the smoker grill and master the process to produce a delicious meal. There are various grill and smoker combo available, however it is better to go for the smoker grill which has an offset heat source. The advantage of such smoker grill is that the heat will be kept directly away from the food as well as the smoke will pass over the food freely, thereby giving the real taste. Water smokers are also available in the market which allows water to be added during the smoking process to the internal pan of the smoker grill. However the most automated and easy to use is an electric smoker. The best electric smoker cost roughly $300.

Learning barbecuing techniques with books

Purchasing some good books on smoking and grilling will help you to get a deeper insight in the cooking process and make a delicious meal for the party. However you need to make sure that you do not stick to only one book of smoking and grilling since there are different ways and you should try different methods to not only have a good experimental experience but also to come out with the best method that will be ideal for you.

Along with this, practicing this frequently will enable you to get expert at it. Temperature is the essence of cooking especially in the smoking and grilling process. You should maintain the perfect temperatures like above 160 degrees Fahrenheit for pork, above 180 degrees Fahrenheit for poultry and above 145 degrees Fahrenheit for red meat. Or you can simply do some research on Youtube such as the video below:

Perfect for barbecuing

The smoker and grill combo is perfect to make barbecue. For this, the first step is to find the good meat at the market. Shriveled, frozen meat should be avoided. Then you need to wash it and remove any loose fat or skin followed by putting it in the smoking or grilling chamber of the smoking grill combo and look at the temperature. When the adequate temperature is reached, you will get the marvelous meat ready to be consumed.

However, you can also add extra flavor by rubbing spices all over the meat, using thyme leaves, and bay leaves. Then it is just enjoyment with the delicious meat which you have cooked. You need to make sure that you use the charcoal or gas or electricity efficiently to reduce your fuel cost. Hence, using the smoker and grill combo is an ideal device for outdoor kitchen to produce the delicious meal as per your time requirement.

To find out more about barbecuing and smoking, check out Food Smok’r!